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KJS Technocrats is a one-stop destination for precisely engineered Hydraulic Machines. Our parent company for hydraulic machines has been operational in the market for last 15 years and enjoys considerable equity in the market. Our brand for Hydraulic machines (Rolichine) is widely acknowledged as market leader in its areas of operation. Whether you want a single press or a turnkey system, KJS Technocrats can offer complete solutions right from concept to overall planning to successful execution. Experienced design engineers, most modern manufacturing methods and stringent quality control standards along with innovative technologies guarantee the KJS Technocrats quality.

Fixture Clamping Hydraulic Cylinder
Wide range of Fixture Clamping Hydraulic Cylinder with Power Pack unit
Laboratory Type Compression Moulding Press
Full range of compression moulding presses from small lab and prototype units to fully-automated or multi-station systems.
Compression Moulding Press
A Wide range of customized Compression Molding Hydraulic Presses and equipments (from 15-500 tons).
Hydraulic Cylinders
Wide range of Hydraulic cylinders, Jacks telescopic cylinders manufactured by us.
Hydraulic Straitening Press
An Innovative solution in the field of straightening technology with hi-tech Hydraulic Straightening Presses.
Hydraulic Power Pack
Specialize in the manufacture of standard as well as customized – built hydraulic power packs.
Deep Drawing Press
Various capacity range from 10 Tonnes to 500 Tonnes is available as per customers' demands.with Safe and Precise control system.
Hydraulic Press
Various types of Hydraulic Presses with capacity from 5 to 1000 Tonnes
Rubber Hose Machinery
Wide range of Rubber Hose Machinery
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